The colloquial phrase “A pain in the back” does little to capture the debilitating potential of spine disease. One in four Americans will suffer from chronic back pain defined as severe and lasting more than three months. Work days are lost, family time is inhibited and everyday chores and activities become insurmountable.

Breakthroughs in spine treatments promise a wider range of new and more effective surgical and nonsurgical choices.

Helping healthcare professionals treat sufferers of back pain is an important and life altering mission of the National Spine Foundation. Your donations will directly assist in the following activities:

• Building the only facility in Florida dedicated to teaching physicians new surgical techniques for the spine, such as minimally invasive surgery and the use of robotics in spine surgery.

• Educating all healthcare professionals involved in treatment teams on the availability of new alternatives for curing spine diseases.

• Teaching those who suffer from back and neck pain how to prevent further damage to their spine, to ask informed questions about their treatments, and which surgical and nonsurgical procedures may be most appropriate for them.

• Sponsoring research that advances our knowledge of the effectiveness and appropriateness of the latest techniques for treating spine disease.

• Helping the next generation cure back pain through scholarships and summer camp programs that encourage and support young people’s interest in pursuing careers in healthcare.

Your support helps the many individuals and their families who suffer from chronic, debilitating back pain.

Please contact us for information on how you can help.