Talk Back Lecture Series  
  Designed for those suffering from spine pain, the lecture series is entitled: “Talk Back.” Each one will focus on some aspect of prevention or treatment of spine diseases. Following is a description of some lectures currently planned, but not yet scheduled for 2006. Lectures will be held in the Sarasota area and are open to the general public. There is no admission cost.

“Talk Back: How to Save Your BackPain”
An interactive seminar detailing specific steps individuals can take to prevent spine disease. Seminar content will help participants understand the meaning of back pain and how to respond and treat this “signal” before it becomes a serious or chronic condition.

“Talk Back: After the Break”
What happens when the spine suffers a compression fracture. What are the available treatments? There will also be a discussion of new, less invasive treatments that show promise for reducing recovery times and post-surgical pain.

“Talk Back: Recover with Less Pain” Some medications for managing back pain carry with them a risk of addiction. In this seminar, there will be a discussion of a wide spectrum of pain management methods including interventional procedures. Attendees to this seminar will learn the risks and the benefits of some of the newest techniques employed for treating back and neck pain.
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